Different stages of pot plants

2019-11-14 15:07

Jul 18, 2017 Stages of the Cannabis Plant Growth Cycle Seed Germination (510 Days) The first stage of life for a cannabis plant begins with the seed. Seedling Stage (23 weeks) When your plant becomes a seedling, Vegetative Stage (316 weeks) The vegetative stage of cannabis is where Flowering StageFirst, your weed plants need varying levels of light, nutrients and water during the different marijuana growth stages. In addition, the various marijuana growth stages help us to: Determine when it is the correct time to prune or train your cannabis plants. different stages of pot plants

May 30, 2009 Once the plant has reached this stage it goes into the seedling stage. Seedling Stage: After the first pair of embryonic leaves are receiving light (Figure 2. 12), the plant will begin to produce another small set of new leaves. These leaves are different from the last and may have some Marijuana characteristics such as the threerounded finger

Read the article Vegetative Stage For Indoor Marijuana Plants for more info The temperature should be between 68 77 degrees, with a humidity of around 50 to 70, constant white light, (at least eighteen hours a day) and nitrogenrich fertilizer as needed. different stages of pot plants

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