Function of chitinase gene in plants

2020-01-17 22:59

Expression of cloned chitinase genes in transgenic plants has provided further evidence for their role in plant defense. The level of protection observed in these plants is variable and may be influenced by the specific activity of the enzyme, its localization and concentration within the cell, the characteristics of the fungal pathogen, and the nature of the hostpathogen interaction.Chitinase in plant defense: The exploitation of chitnase with respect to plant defense can be done by a variety of ways. The enzyme can also be used in free or immobilized form to kill fungi and insects in affected areas. The micorganisms producing chitinase can also be used in soil as rhizobacterial population or alternatively the gene encoding chitinase can be inserted in the native microflora of soil. function of chitinase gene in plants

May 22, 2014 Chitinase proteins are members in the group of the pathogenesisrelated proteins that are strongly induced when host plant cells are challenged by pathogen stress and thus chitinases constitute an important arsenal of plants against fungal pathogens.

Chitinase is an important pathogenesisrelated protein in plants, and it can accumulate when induced by salicylic acid (SA) or other elicitors. Here, we found that chitinase mRNA levels were 4. 5times greater when peanut seedlings were sprayed with 1. 5 mM SA, as compared to water. The upstream promoter sequence of the chitinase gene was cloned in a chitinaselike gene (AtCTL1) lead to cell expansion and other defects (Zhongfunction of chitinase gene in plants

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