Effect of salinity on plants

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How Does Salinity Affect Plant Growth and What Can Be Done? By Anthea Hudson Salinity is becoming an increasing problem along waterways, on irrigated land, deserts and other areas, worldwide. Lack of flowing fresh water to flush our rivers, salts and other minerals etc in our water supply, along with other problems, all contribute to this.Generally, the effect of salinity (and here we are concerned primarily with NaCl as these ions are the commonest cause of salinity) on plants have been determined not in terms of survival, but in its effect on vegetative growth. Growth clearly is a key parameter in both ecological and agricultural contexts. effect of salinity on plants

Effects of Salinity and Sodicity on Plant Growth. Figure 4: Plant growthpromoting effect of plant growthpromoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) strain Pseudomonas fluorescens WCS417r on Arabidopsis. Figure 6: Expression of Trichoderma genes in transgenic plants imparts tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses. (a) Tolerance of cotton roots

The repercussions of salinity The Effect of Salinity on Plants. Salts in the soil water may inhibit plant growth for two reasons. First, the presence of salt in the soil solution reduces the ability of the plant to take up water, and this leads to reductions in the growth rate. This is referred to as the osmotic or waterdeficit effect of salinity. Salinity is the major environmental factor limiting plant growth and productivity (Allakhverdiev et al. , 2000b). The detrimental effects of high salinity on plants can be observed at the wholeplant level as the death of plants andor decreases in productivity.effect of salinity on plants what plants need limits plant growth and productivity and can lead to plant death. About 20 of all irrigated land is affected by soil salinity, decreasing crop yields (Kader, 2010 March). Plants are affected by salt stress in two main ways: osmotic stress and ionic toxicity. These stresses affect all major plant processes, including

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Apr 25, 2017 Photosynthesis is a vital process that produces oxygen for plants and animals. More important to the plant, the process produces energy for growth and reproduction. Saline, or saltdense environments such as ocean coasts, threaten the ability of plants to undergo photosynthesis. The Effect of Salinity on Photosynthesis effect of salinity on plants Nov 16, 2014  According to an estimate of FAO, over 6 of the worlds land is affected by salinity. Thus, salinity stress appears to be a major constraint to plant and crop productivity. Here, we review our understanding of salinity impact on various aspects of plant metabolism and its tolerance strategies in

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