Green leaf houseplants

2020-01-19 00:23

Aluminum plant is an oldfashioned favorite houseplant. There's a wealth of varieties; 'Norfolk' is one of our favorites because it offers colorful bronzepurple leaves accented with metallicsilver stripes. The color is subtle by itself, but makes a beautiful contrast to all the other green houseplants.Hoya, or wax plant, has waxy green leaves and waxy fragrant pink flowers. Golden wax plant (pictured) adds creamy leaf variegation to the plant's appeal. You can let the plant climb, train the stems onto a topiary, or allow them to trail in a hanging basket. green leaf houseplants

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Identifying green house plants requires a bit of research. There are thousands of house plant varieties. Identification is important for proper care and propagation. Look for identifying characteristics, and take pictures of the plants you want to identify. Then, research websites, schools, garden centers and houseplant books. green leaf houseplants

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