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2020-01-21 00:57

Sientra Receives Full and Final FDA Approval to Manufacture at its U. S. Facility. Now offering OPUS, the only brand of silicone gel breast implants and tissue expanders exclusively for boardcertified plastic surgeons, manufactured solely in the United States. Learn MoreHowever, Sientra is a new king of breast implant company that caters exclusively to board certified plastic surgeons. Sientra offers diversified choices for silicone breast implants featuring several profile options for that desired look. Sientra provides a form stable or gummy bear style implant. sientra breast implants video

Aug 14, 2012  Recently approved by the FDA, Sientra silicone shaped implants are now available for use in the United States. These implants have been used extensively in

What are Sientra breast implants? Sientra offers two different FDAapproved silicone gel breast implant options: Opus Curve shaped gel implants and Opus Luxe round gel implants. Both come in a variety of sizes, projections (how far forward and wide they protrude from the chest), and materials For Sientra OPUS Smooth or Textured Surface Silicone Gel Breast Implants implanted prior to May 1, 2018, please consult the documentation applicable to your implants available here. Sientra's Texture. Sientra's textured round and shaped implants feature a proprietary texturing method designed to maintain implant positioning.sientra breast implants video Sientra Breast Implants Inland Empire. Learn more about Sientra Breast Implants in this video. Sientra Silicone Breast Implants use a cohesive gel matrix which will not bleed out in the event of a rupture or implant shell failure. Your Sientra Limited Warranty

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Sientra's FDAapproved OPUS silicone breast implants come in round and shaped, and smooth and textured varieties. Sientra also offers a warranty to replace your implants for up to 20 years after surgery if capsular contracture occurs. sientra breast implants video

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