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2019-12-12 12:24

Jan 14, 2018  Best Houseplants: 9 Indoor Plants for Low Light Maidenhair Fern. Moth Orchid. Prayer Plant. Asparagus Fern. Waffle Plant. Angel Vine. Mother in Laws Tongue. English Ivy. Lemon Button Fern. The Lineup.10 easy care houseplants for low light: Pothos, Devils Ivy. Hanging or table top plant. Heartleaf Philodendron. Hanging or tabletop plant. Lucky Bamboo. Tabletop plant. Lucky Bamboo is a winner because it grows for the long haul in water. Aglaonemas, Ags. Tabletop or floor plant. We used small low light houseplants

The sansevieria species are some of the best lowlight plants. They are striking in appearance and strikingly easy to grow. The snake plant, or motherinlaw's tongue, is one of the most recommended plants for improving air quality.

May 23, 2016 Related To: Pothos is a low light lover that makes a good entry point into growing houseplants. It handles a wide range of conditions and still performs well. Ideally it should have low to moderate light, and should dry out between waterings. Many ferns, including button, Autumn, rabbit's foot, maidenhair and more, Dec 16, 2015  10 Best Houseplants for Low Light Chinese evergreen ( Aglaonema). Dumb cane ( Dieffenbachia). ZZ plant ( Zamioculcas zamiifolia). Spider plant ( Chlorophytum comosum). Castiron plant (Aspidistra elatior). Parlor palm ( Chamaedorea elegans). Dragon tree ( Dracaena marginata). Rubber plantsmall low light houseplants Jul 08, 2019 13 Houseplants That Can Survive in Even the Darkest Corner. If you've ever dreamed of having a palm tree as part of your decor, look no further. It might not be quite as tall as the ones in Beverly Hills, but it's way cuter (and easier to maintain). This pretty, pinkandgreen plant is as lowmaintenance as they come.

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