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2020-01-18 04:26

Unparalleled service and support on demand through Createchs modular Excellence and Service Line that lets you choose your most convenient workflow Customised excellence Tailormade solutions for maximum flexibility: High degree of individualisation to best meet your patients needs, including angulated screw channelsI hereby authorize Createch Medical S. L. to share my data with the Straumann Group, in particular Institut Straumann AG, Basel, Switzerland, and the local Straumann subsidiary in your country of residence ( Straumann ). My data will be used by Createch Medical S. L. to produce and deliver ordered products and also for product related questions. createch medical implants

Createch Medical and Straumann. ACCESS TO THE FULL RANGE OF SRBB. COMPETENCE AND EXCELLENCE ACROSS A BROAD VARIETY OF IMPLANT PLATFORMS ON DEMAND. Createch Medical is a Straumann Group member and stands for. highquality screwretained bars and bridges for fixed and removable prosthetics. As a pioneer in its field, Createch Medical

IMPLANTS ABUTMENTS THE MOST CUSTOMIZED DENTAL FRAMEWORKS Createch Medical performs the measurement, design and milling of frameworks for implantsupported prostheses on Straumann implants and abutments. These processes are controlled and executed entirely by Createch Medical, allowing us to optimize and guarantee the high quality of our products. Createch restorations on Straumann implants. comes with the original Straumann connection. Your benefit is the 10year guarantee offered by Createch for the prosthetic framework. Plus, when restoring Straumann implants with a Createch solution, you also enjoy the lifetime (plus) guarantee on the Straumann implants. Enjoy the Createchcreatech medical implants Createch Bar; PRECI VERTIXHORIX BAR; Dolder Bar; Anatomical Abutments ZR02 CUSTOMIZED ABUTMENTS; CERAMIC, COMPOSITE, PEEK Next; Previous; Createch Medical At your lab's service. More about Createch Medical. We manufacture customized solutions in Titanium PLAY CADCAM structure for implants Learn about our Services; International

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