Photic zone plants and animals

2020-01-18 07:26

phytoplankton(algae and microscopic plants) live in this zone of the ocean. 90 of the oceans animals, fish, and plants live in this Zone. sharks, mackerels, tuna, seals, jellyfish, sea lions, seaSome of the animals that live in the photic zone, also called the epipelagic or sunlight zone, include fish, dolphins, whales, seals and sharks. Zooplankton, which are tiny floating creatures, are also found in this zone. The photic zone is the division of the ocean with the most abundant number of marine animals. photic zone plants and animals

Jun 01, 2019 Plants of the photic zone A wide variety of oceanic vegetation types and all types of plants can grow in the sunlit area. These plants include marine algae, plankton, and even mangroves.

Animals: Huge numbers of species of fish, sharks, whales, jellyfish, krill, etc. , live in the photic zone. Most animals living in this region have counter shading, i. e. , darkcolored skin on top, and light colored on the bottom, which acts as a camouflage from predators. Apr 25, 2017 Nekton are the largest and the most obvious animals in the photic zone, but also the least abundant. These are the fishes, marine mammals, worms, sponges, molluscs, sea stars and reptiles. While some of these large animals feed on fish, others, such as the baleen whale, feed on plankton.photic zone plants and animals Sep 21, 2018 Mesopelagic Zone. There is not enough light for photosynthesis, so plants will not be found at this zone with the exception of some possible phytoplankton, most of which has probably sunk from the higher epipelagic zone. Animals that live in this zone include squid, cuttlefish, wolf fish and swordfish.

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