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plants are found in the wild habitat and they help in the progress of human civilization in different aspects, i. e. Pharmaceutical, economical, commercial, social etc. Aromatic plants also constitute a large group among the plants which belong to about 60 families. These plants are very important for multifarious purposes such as uses inPlants belonging to this category are the most economically important plants of Assam and meet the demand for timber, plywood, pulpwood, furniture, agricultural implements. Leaves of Litsea monopetala, L. cubeba etc. are used for rearing silkworm. The Orchids of Assam: economically important plants of assam

We surveyed the plants growing under 207 isolated trees in Assam, India, and categorized them according to their local humanuses. We found that Ficus trees were associated with double the density of important highgrade timber, firewood, human food, livestock fodder, and medicinal plants compared to nonFicus trees. Management practices were

The present research work involves the study of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal diversity in the rhizosphere of some economically important plants existing in grassland and woodland ecosystems of Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India. The The economically important plants of Laokhowa wildlife Sanctuary are grouped as timber yielding plants, medicinal plants, fodder plants, wild edible vegetable plants, plants as source of fibre, dying, tanning and plants used for stupefying fishes.economically important plants of assam Apr 09, 2010 orchids of lakhimpur district and it's adjoining hills of arunachal pradesh Orchid is a member of Orchidaceae family is the largest and diverse family of the flowering plants (Angiospermae). There are at least 25, 000 different species of orchids, with probably thousands more that remains unknown or unclassified.

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The important species are Magnolia species, Pachylarnax pleiocarpa, Fissistigma species, Alseodaphne species, Cinnamomum species, Litsea species, Michelia species etc. Plants belonging to this category are the most economically important plants of Assam and meet the demand for timber, plywood, pulpwood, furniture, agricultural implements. economically important plants of assam It also highlights some important medicinal plants and its status in the wild and also discussed on Wild relatives of 132 economically important species, some important and notable include citrus, banana, rice, sugarcane, and pulses, are 286 plant species from Assam Biology of Plants and Microbes ISBN Edited by D Bose& S Roy Published by IA'ant Books, Kolkata, 2012 Important begomoviruses of some economically Aug 09, 2006 Traditional use of medicinal plants by the Jaintia tribes in North Cachar Hills district of Assam, northeast India. Albert L Sajem 1 and Kuldip Gosai 2 botany knowledge within the region besides contributing to the preservation and enrichment of the gene bank of such economically important species before they are lost forever. Orang National Park is one of the protected areas of Assam and embraces an extremely rich floristic diversity of several plant species of botanical interest and an enormous economic potential. The present paper deals with 96 species of economically important plants of park. Of these, 55 are medicinal, 24 edible, 15 timber yielding, 20 fodder resources, 5 fiber yielding, 6 used for thatching, 3

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