How real do breast implants feel

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Breast implants tend to look more natural when covered by abundant natural tissue. As such, placement under the muscle may be the best option for women who do not have enough natural breast tissue to cover the implant completely. In submusclar placement, the implant isMay 21, 2011  Feel of breast implants varies from person to person. The fill material of the implant: Generally the feel of silicone is more natural than that of saline, especially in a person with very little breast tissue. 2. The amount of a persons own breast tissue: If someone has a fair amount of their own breast how real do breast implants feel

Mar 10, 2015  After breast augmentation, you may wonder how long it will take before your implants start to feel natural, or normal. Within the first several days, weeks, or even months after having breast augmentation surgery, your implants may feel unnatural to you as a result of your living with your original breasts for your entire life.

This is because saline implants feel like what they are, a bag filled with water. Silicone, on the other hand, is a substance that holds its shape while still remaining soft, much like regular breast tissue. The overall feel after the breast surgery will also depend upon the amount of breast tissue. If youre choosing to have your breast implants placed under the muscle, the amount of breast tissue you naturally have will also I feel I can always tell when a woman has implants because they don't look natural, I'm guessing that's do to the fact that their texture is much different than real breasts. My girlfriend has been wanting bigger breasts and being a breast man myself, I wouldn't mind larger breasts but I don't know if they'd turn me on if they feel really real do breast implants feel May 20, 2015 Breast Implant Types. Implants are filled with either silicone gel or saline to recreate the shape and feeling of natural breast tissue. Generally speaking, silicone gel implants are known for maintaining their shape and consistency better than saline implants and feel closer to the natural breast, though both types of breast implant have their advantages.

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Oct 08, 2014  When the implant is placed over the muscle, the chest muscles are not required to stretch out during the healing process, which means the augmented breasts will feel softer in how real do breast implants feel

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