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2019-12-07 05:04

Cryptocoryne Aquarium Plants At Arizona Aquatic Nurseries, Inc. we offer a huge range of aquarium plants including plants of the popular Cryptocoryne genus. Crytocoryne, or Crytps are native to Philipines, Sri Lanka, & Indonesia.Crypts (Cryptocorynes) have been a staple in planted aquariums since they were first imported in the 1930's. There are around 60 species known to science, and about 15 or so are available in the hobby. To this day many, many people have difficulty even keeping them alive. In this post, I'll show you how. crypts aquarium plants

Cryptocoryne have been used as aquarium plants for over 60 years. There are photographs of them even in early editions of the book Exotic Aquarium Fishes by William T. Innes. They have a number of characteristics that make them useful as aquarium plants.

Planting Your Aquarium Stem Plants. Anubais and Java Fern. Cryptspotted plants. Moss. Hair grass. Jun 29, 2014 Beginner Aquarium Plants 4 Species of Crypts, Bonus NOT Beginner Plant Tanks are all dialed in with passive CO2 rolling and I am getting in all kinds of sweet plants like these crypts.crypts aquarium plants Dec 31, 2014  Cryptocoryne Wendtii How to Grow and Care for Cryptocoryne Wendtii. December 31, 2014 by Robert Brand Leave a Comment. Cryptocoryne wendtii is one of the most popular, and widely available aquatic plants in the aquarium hobby. It has several color variations, and it can be found in green, red and brown colors.

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Currency All prices are in AUD Currency All prices are in AUD crypts aquarium plants For best results, use Cryptocoryne as a solitary plant. They may also be planted in groups with good results. If planted in thick groups, all variations will grow taller and narrower. When planting in this fashion, place the smaller types in the foreground of the aquarium, with the Our live aquarium plants are used for freshwater tropical fish tanks. They are maintained under the guidance of our master aquatic horticulturalist Cory. Browse through our full selection of plants or narrow down by use, fish species, or type. Anubias. Bulb Plants.

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