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May 07, 2018 How to Plant Lavender in Pots Planting Your Lavender Plant Remove the Lavender plant from its current pot. Place the lavender plant in the center of the pot. Fill the rest of the pot with your potting mix. Spread a half cup timedrelease fertilizer over your potting soil. Mulch your lavenderGrowing Lavender in Pots. The seeds should be placed on top of sandy soil and covered lightly with a layer of perlite. They ought to sprout in two to three weeks. Cuttings should be taken from plants just below a node (where a set of leaves join the stem), dipped in potting up lavender plants

To root your cuttings place your starts in small pots of well drained sandy potting mix. You may dip each cutting into rooting hormone prior to potting up. Keep these new Lavender cuttings at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Check frequently and keep the soil moist and in about six weeks you should be able to give each cutting a little tug.

Lavender, she says, needs a dry, arid climateCertainly not what we have here in Texas! While the plants grow best with about 15 inches of rain a year, the farm gets around 39 inches in a normal year. Humidity is also a problem, since lavender cant tolerate a lot of moisture in the soil or air. You can also take a potted lavender indoors for the winter, keeping it in a sunny window, but water it lightly only every week or two while it's resting. This also works well if you live outside your plant's growing range and your winter temperatures are too cold to keep the pot outdoors.potting up lavender plants Nov 28, 2018 Keep an eye out for unusual cold snaps or prolonged periods of rain. Either forecast may be cause for potting up lavender and bringing the plants to a sunny window for a few months. Lavender

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Making your own potting mixture for Lavender one part finished compost. one part pumice or perlite. one part coarse sand. one part fine soil. lime to adjust ph to at least 7. 0 (depends on amount of mix prepared). a few crushed eggshells (optional provides alkaline ph as they degrade). potting up lavender plants The best potting mix for lavender is light, slightly alkaline and enhanced with slowrelease nutrients. Finding a good commercial soil may be difficult, but making one isn't. Mix equal parts of sterilized garden soil, moistened sphagnum peat moss and perlite in a large container. A 12inch pot holds about 12 quarts of potting Potted Lavender Plants. Lavender can be an easy plant to grow, as long as you don't 'kill with with kindness Lavender plants do not like a lot of moisture; they should dry completely between watering. When planted outside, make sure to provide welldrained soil and if you need it, add a bit of sand to make ensure good drainage. To find out, read on to learn more about how to divide lavender plants and when to split up lavender in the garden. Can Lavender Plants be Divided? I recently asked some professional lavender growers about lavender plant division and the general response was that lavender

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