Winter plants for containers

2019-11-20 00:20

While you cant buy your plants tiny down coats, you can help them survive the winter. In the fall, continue watering your container gardens. Stop fertilizing containers, particularly those that contain perennials, about six to eight weeks before the first frost date is predicted for your area.Hardy winter container plants include calendula, flowering stock, swan river daisy, pansy, pinks, sweet alyssum, painted tongue and viola. Also consider adding vegetables and herbs to your containers. They yield a harvest while adding color to winter scenery. winter plants for containers

Sep 03, 2019 There are many winter plants for the garden, particularly when used in seasonal pot and container displays. Bright flowers, vivid berries, evergreen foliage and colourful stems can all be combined to great effect. With the right plants you can create a highimpact but lowmaintenance scheme, to lift the spirits on even the darkest of days.

Jan 10, 2015 A display of pots and baskets planted simply for winter colour. My Top 10 Plants for Winter Containers. 1. Violas. Although their show may be temporarily halted by a cold snap, winter flowering violas are one of the most cheerful choices for a winter garden. winter plants for containers

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