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MGB, MG Midget, Sprite, Triumph, Lucas Dash Light Dimmer Switch, New, Prt# Listed for an MGB, MG Midget or Austin Healey Sprite, is a new Lucas dashboard rheostat switch. Over seventy five hundred sales at a 99 approval rate, of manufactured and used British Car Parts. 33. 99MGB Switches& Controls MGB Switches& Controls 1976 ON. MGB Switches& Controls 1976 ON! 01. GLB921 BULB 14V 0. 75WATT SWITCH ILLUMINATION. BHA4278 MGB RHEOSTAT SWITCH FOR PANEL LIGHTS Upto Sept 1976. Quantity required 1. 09. 37H7995 KNOB PANEL LIGHT. 37H7995 MGB DASHBOARD PANEL LIGHT KNOB. panel light switch mgb

MGB Auxiliary switch 7780 Item# : Use for fog lights, radiator fan override etc. Fits in blanked holes in the dash. Uses standard spade connectors.

MGB Badges& Brightwork; MGB Dashboard& Interior; MGB Doors, Catches& Stays; MGB Electrics; MGB Gauges; MGB Glazing, Seals etc; MGB Heating& Cooling; MGB Hoods& Tonneaus; MGB Lights; MGB Switches; MGB Trim Panels, Seat Covers& Carpets; MGB Washers& Wipers; MGB Special Tuning BHA4278 MGB UP TO SEPT 1976 RHEOSTAT SWITCH FOR PANEL LIGHTS Quantity required 1. . 0. 00. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. 20. AHH5368 KNOB PANEL LIGHT. AHH5368 MGB PANEL LIGHT SWITCH KNOB Quantity required 1. . GAE140 MGB FOG LIGHT SWITCH EARLY 1972 CARS ONLY AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT NO LONGER AVAILABL. . 0. 00. Addpanel light switch mgb Nov 25, 2013  Identify MGB controls and switches We made a lot of videos to show the work we did on our 1980 MGB. Now we made one to explain all the switches

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Apr 02, 2006 Dimmer Switch Disassembly. This is a factory sealed unit so at least one of the seals will have to be drilled out or filed off. I use a 532 drill bit to cut off the spread top of the stud and while still in the vise I use 332 bit to make a screw hole to reattach the cover when I'm finished. panel light switch mgb Apr 04, 2006 PANEL LIGHT DIMMING SWITCH The black knob is held in by one of those little springloaded buttons. Stick your little screwdriver in the hole in the stem and press it so you can wiggle the knob off the switch. Set the knob aside. Loosen the nut that holds the switch to the dash, but LEAVE THE SWITCH in place. MGB Midget rocker light switch MGB 1971 1975 MG Midget: BHA5111: 11. 00: MGB Midget Rocker single speed wiper switch: BHA5109: BHA5110: 11. 00: MG Midget panel lamp switch: BHA5112: 11. 00: MGB Heater motor rocker switch: BHA5113: 11. 00: MGB and Midget rocker Hazard switch: BHA5267: 16. 95 MGB Gear lever overdrive May 30, 2016  Putting out this tutorial to help you guys fix your instrumentation lightingdash lighting in your MG or any other Car. Hope this helped! Remember MG MGB Technical Rheostat switch Hi guys, driving home tonight, pulled out my panel light switch to light up the dash panel gauges on my 1967 MGBGT it came off in my hand, argggg! No dash lights

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