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Washington DUI Classes Local& Online Please read: Certain Washington resident DUI offenders may be eligible to take an online class, we advise that you check first before signing up. An online class may be acceptable for nonresident offenders depending on what state you live in, we suggest that you check first and get approval Approved DUI Classes for DUI Offenders in Washington Read MoreVictim Panels. Why does the state mandate you attend a victim impact panel after youve been arrested for DUI, especially when you didnt hurt anyone while driving under the influence? Why should you have to sit through one of these panels? Here is the main reason: Victims of DUI Need You to Understand. dui victims panel washington state

The DUI Victims Panel is a very informative and powerful tool to make people seriously think about and be confronted by the actual consequences of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI). This panel is designed to help the audience understand the very real and tragic results from driving under the influence of drugs

We follow the DUI Victim Panel guidelines enacted by the Washington State Legislature in 2011 and we are also certified by the Washington State DUI Victims Panel Coalition. We are recognized by other U. S. Court Systems as one of the best in the nation. Our panels are different than most others in that ALL of the speakers have had their lives The Seattle King County DUI Victims Panel helps you take responsibility for your actions in a nonjudgmental forum. We give you the opportunity to hear the stories of real victims of drunk driving, giving you a new perspective on your DUI case that you may not get elsewhere in the legal system.dui victims panel washington state View the schedules page for location details and links to maps for the DWI Panels in Kenmore, Bellevue, Seattle and Kent.

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The TacomaPierce County DUI Victims Information Panel is supported by the County's District and Municipal Court Judges, the District Court Probation Office, and the Pierce County Bar Association. It is now a courtordered program for DUI defendants in Pierce County and throughout Washington State. dui victims panel washington state Our DUI Victim Impact Panels are located in the Puget Sound area including Bellevue, Burien, Kent and Seattle Washington. The schedule below provides days, times, locations and more details. D. U. I. Impact Panel. This is a twohour educational component required by Washington State Law for DUI recipients. Class members may be interfaced with victims of alcoholdrug related accidents. This class impacts on a feeling level. Lessons are carried away at feeling level instead of a thought level. We conduct DUI Impact Panels on a regular basis. Our attendees include adults and youth mandated by the courts andor referred by their attorneys to attend a dui victim's impact panel. These referrals are many times due to an infraction for driving under the influence, drunk driving or Feb 27, 2012 Created as a way to teach about the potential devastating outcome of a DUI, the DUI Victims Panel is now used as a condition of any DUI or DUI related sentence in Washington State. By completing this likely requirement early, you will help to set yourself apart from others who are also being charged with DUI in the same jurisdiction.

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