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2020-01-21 00:57

Mar 21, 2012 Outlook 2013 Users whose Mail applet stopped working in June 2016, see Outlook 2013: Control Panel Mail Won't Open. We're seeing reports that OutlookDont start with deleting the pstfile or youll end up corrupting the Mail Profile. Removing the old Mail Profile Now that youve fully configured your new profile and verified that it works, you might want to remove the old one; Go to Control Panel Mail button Show Profiles Select the profile the old profile. Press Remove. You xp mail profile control panel

You can add more (nonExchange) mail accounts to your profile, like Gmail or Live. com. Or you can change options for your accounts data files. See Edit an Outlook profile to learn how. If you need to switch to an old Outlook profile on the same PC in order to copy data from it,

Apr 28, 2008  To access the 32bit Control Panel you must open the classic view of Control Panel and click on the View 32bit Control Panel Items link as seen below: Once the 32bit Control Panel opened the user could then access his email profiles by clicking the Mail link. Oct 23, 2018  The Mail icon to manage your Outlook Mail Profile may sometimes be hard to find indeed, especially on Windows 10. When you are using Windows 10, make sure you open Control Panelxp mail profile control panel Jan 16, 2010  To create a new profile, use the mail icon in the control panel. When I look in Control panelmailgeneralThe following profiles are set up on this computer: There are NO details entered in the white window pane. . nothing at all! ! ! ! I guess

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An email profile is made up of email accounts, data files, and information about where your email is stored. Breaking news from around the world Get the Bing MSN extension. Note: You use the Mail icon in Control Panel to access options for configuring Outlook email profiles. xp mail profile control panel The methods mentioned work for Win7 as well as XP. Essentially, look in the Windowssystem32 folder for any. cpl files. These are the control panel items. Then you just call the one that you want. Oct 06, 2019  Control Panel Mail Profiles I created two Profiles in Control Panel in Mail section, and have separated Work and Personal emails. When I open Outlook, a window is opened, and asks which Profile to open. When I enter an Profile, in order to enter the Here is how to open Control Panel in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. You will need to access Control Panel to change many of your PC's settings. A friend of mine upgraded his PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 recently and was not able to find the Mail icon in the Control Panel as he wanted to make some changes to his Outlook mail profile. It occured to me that there would be other people who maybe facing a similar situation so I

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