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2020-01-20 16:07

Mar 09, 2010 HI, i was wondering if there is a way to automatically resize the crystal report viewer control to the browser's size. would be a nice feature, since so many of the users have different size monitors with different resolutions.I wish to hide the group tree of the crystal report viewer programatically. Intellisense denied any DisplayGroupTree property of the control! A little googling yielded the fact that in VS 2008 the ToolPanelView property serves the purpose. The intellisense denied even this property. I am using VS 2008 and the build is with target 3. 5 framework. crystal report viewer toolpanelview

How to hide the Group Tree of a Crystal Report in WPF? Ask Question Asked 7 years, 9 months ago. Active There also is a property on report viewer you can set as follows: (such as ToolPanelView and ShowGroupTreeButton) have been removed, I tried many different things but the above was the only that did the trick. share

Feb 17, 2015  SAP Crystal Reports Viewer is a great tool to open, view and explore reports on desktop or web browsers. It has many useful features as sorting, filtering, search, drill drown and other wholesome functionality. If you work much with reports and your project requires big amount of different features to improve the client's daily work Mar 28, 2014 I traced it in SQL profiler. I can safely assume that it receives result set (I executed the query captured to verify that). The report in preview shows well with the parameters. But when it goes to ASP and the browser, the contents of master page display well but report does not render in the viewer. What rookie mistake am I making here?crystal report viewer toolpanelview Aug 14, 2018 This article will provide you the alternative way to navigate page in a crystal report viewer, as default paging looks broken I found that page navigation of Crystal report viewer is kind of broken. There are different solutions to this problem on the internet but sometimes, it's not possible to use

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Jul 24, 2013 I prepared a small web application do display crystal report documents with CrystalReportViewer (v. . x). Everything works fine except the presentation of CrystalReportViewer it self. Sometimes I see a big panel on the left side of report and sometimes not. I checked all the settings but have no idea how to solve this issue. crystal report viewer toolpanelview

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