Lexan corrugated polycarbonate panels

2019-12-11 20:45

Versatile LEXAN Thermoclear multiwall sheet can be relied Versatile LEXAN Thermoclear multiwall sheet can be relied upon to deliver high quality; low maintenance glazing that is built to last. Easy to use by homeowners and contractors alike this product is a great material for a vast array of applications such as canopies and walkways residential and commercial greenhousesLEXAN corrugated sheets offer the optical characteristics of glass in a much lighter, more durable product. Transportation, handling and installation of these corrugated polycarbonate panels is simple and results in overall reduced labor costs due to its durability and lightweight. lexan corrugated polycarbonate panels

LEXAN greca corrugated polycarbonate panels are a great option for outdoor applications such as greenhouses, barns, and warehouses. The UVprotective coating prevents discoloration and helps to retain the panels strength, making these panels ideal for roofing applications.

Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets Lexan is a premium grade of Polycarbonate Sheet that is suitable for many different applications. Lexan multiwall& corrugated polycarbonate sheets are commonly used for greenhouse& sunroom construction, commercial roofing, patio covers, hurricane protection, swimming pool enclosures, & more. Lexan Corrugated sheets are the product of choice for cost effective, high light transmitting, long lasting greenhouse coverings. Suitable for Gable and Quonset style greenhouses, Lexan Corrugated panels are easy to install with simple woodworking tools.lexan corrugated polycarbonate panels LEXAN Greca polycarbonate corrugated sheets are available in standard colors of clear, bronze, opal, and softlite. These corrugated sheets are ideal for greenhouses and other applications where excellent light transmission is needed in a lightweight sheet.

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