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2019-12-05 23:16

The order of the items in the legend is based on the order the group values are encountered in the data. Legend values can be sorted in alphabetical order, but if you want a custom order, you can use the attribute map as discussed below. The graph on the right shows the stacked cumulative counts for the cars by Type and Origin.Sep 13, 2016 Legend order and group attributes. The first observation in the SASHelp. Class data set is a male. Therefore, males are displayed using the GraphData1 style element (blue circles) and females are displayed using the GraphData2 style element (red circles). The legend entries are similarly ordered male and then female. sas sgpanel legend order

I'm using SAS 9. 4 with the attached code and data. I would like to be able to set the order of the legend items to be something other than alphabetic (which is not meaningful in this context). It should be Complete Response, Partial Response, Unconfirmed Partial Response, Stable Disease, and

Solved: Hello! Is there a way to order the legend (for Actual Arm) in sgpanel sequentially? Thank you! proc sgpanel datafinal; styleattrs The bar order is based on the underlying number, but the legend order is based on the formatted values. To do something which was simple in SASGraph (ie get the formatted legend entries in the correct (visual) order based on the underlying unformatted value), is using GTL and typing in each legendsas sgpanel legend order Syntax. specifies the number of columns in the legend. By default, the number of columns is determined automatically. Note: Depending on the number of legend entries and the number of columns and rows that you specify, the legend might not fit in your graph. If your legend does not appear, then you might need to specify a different value

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