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2020-01-19 23:12

Nov 21, 2018  (cPanel Home Email Spam Filters) Overview. This interface allows you to configure the spam filter settings (powered by Apache SpamAssassin ) for your account. Spam filters identify and sort or delete unsolicited email, commonly known as spam.Oct 19, 2003 Hello, My customers are getting emails from me marked as spam. We do not send out spam, just notices to our customers. So I think I need to find a global whitelist for spamassassin so that I can add some domain names to it to they wont get marked as spam. cpanel spamassassin global whitelist

For cPanel& WHM version 68 (cPanel Home Email Apache This interface allows you to configure Apache SpamAssassin for your account. Apache SpamAssassin is an email utility that examines incoming email and tests for spam characteristics.

How to configure SpamAssassin in cPanel. Apache SpamAssassin is a userfriendly email utility which examines incoming mail for different spam characteristics. It uses various network tests and spam filtering to get an overall score in order to decide whether the mail should be considered as spam or not. Dec 07, 2006 Apache SpamAssassin global enable anyone? Thread starter Mibble; Start date Sep 1, Will the bayes files and the autowhitelist file get addedwritten automatically to the. spamassassin folder as that email account is used? Apparently there must a file or files that Spamassassin requires(for Cpanel), otherwise it constantly fails.cpanel spamassassin global whitelist Dec 17, 2007  Hi, Is it possible to have a global whitelist for spam assassin? What im looking to do is whitelist our mailfoundry server so that the digests don't get flagged as spam, I've added whitelistfrom to the but I'm not sure

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Jan 10, 2019  If you are having problems with email spam, whether it be the occasional promotional mail, or 100s or even thousands of emails spamming your inbox each hour, Email Spam Protection can help. SpamAssassin is an open source Apache Project and is located in cPanel cpanel spamassassin global whitelist Whitelist an Email address Blacklist an Email addresss You have the ability to Blacklist (block) and Whitelist (allow) email addresses in Spam Filters. The application that provides this functionality is still Spam Assassin, but it is no longer labeled as such in the cPanel.

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