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Mar 19, 2015 mig vs tig vs stick vs flux body panel replacement Too many welder choices and many people saying different things. I've ruled out flux and stick for automotive panels. I can't figure out whether to go mig or tig. Yes I realize tig takes more precision. Detroit speed seems to like tig welding. overhaulin seems like mig fans.Nov 19, 2008 MIG vs. TIG for auto restoration When repairing or replacing sheet metal panels like a floor or a quarter using a butt or a plug (spot) weld do you prefer to TIG or MIG? Do you get good results using a TIG to butt two panels together, using a siliconbronze wire, without warping it up? mig vs tig body panels

Welding Video Review Mig Welding a small Patch in Auto Body Panel. After watching several videos on youtube about mig welding a patch in a auto body panel, one thing is worth mentioning If there was ever a strong argument for using tig instead of mig for welding thin auto body panels, this video nails it down.

Mar 21, 2015 MIG Welding. This has become the most common type of repair and custom autobody welding. Its name derives from the term metal inert gas, which is really a misnomer. After all, socalled TIG welding (for tungsten inert gas) is also a metalinertgas welding process. Tips for Welding Sheet Metal and Body Panels with MIG. Better choose a MIG welding machine that comes with infinite adjustability as it will enable you to adjust like the way you wanted. This also helps you in voltage adjustments and the wire feed can be set to any kind of configuration.mig vs tig body panels Sep 03, 2009 Tig welding is not as hard as i thought and in my opinion is better for panel work on cars (less heat, less distortion, more controllable). I am 100 glad i purchased a tig over a mig, IMO tig is not any harder than mig. A bad tig weld will generally look better than a average mig weld.

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Patch Panels with a TIG Welder How to use your TIG welder for rust repair. When were attending SEMA we talk to a lot of pro builders and fabricators. We want to know what the new trends, techniques, and products are that they used to get the results weve seen at shows and in the magazines that year. mig vs tig body panels Tradionaly, I mean 20 years ago, an OA torch wasused for brazing panels in place, but with todays hss body panels that process is no longer recomended due to essesive work hardening. Then came the mig welder and every thing changed, paels could be welded much faster and much stronger, and that was the standard in all shops for years. Jan 05, 2005 Tig or gaswelding leave a more workable panel with less apparent work hardening than migwelding. People seem to thing mig does not warpuntrue! I can gasweld a panel, and metalfinish it faster than I can migweld a panel and metalfinish it. Nov 26, 2016 Several years ago Ron Covel wrote an article for the Metalshapers Assc. about using Silicon Bronze, trade name Everdur , filler wire on body panels. It was a very informative article and I'm surprised more people don't use it. Less panel warpage, TIG or MIG, and takes paint with no lifting. Jan 23, 2018 I like mig on body and floor panels too. And, when don properly, mig can look pretty darn good too. There's always more than one way to skin a cat. there are uses for every welding process. A lot of tig snobs think tig is the only process for everything. I'd like to see anyone try and do a full penetration weld on 2 thick HY80 with a 40' seam.

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