Line-x rocker panels dodge

2020-01-19 17:27

Jan 16, 2017 DODGE RAM FORUM Dodge Truck Forums. Forums Dodge Ram Generations Forum 4th Gen: 2009 2018 Exterior Hey guys, just got a new black ram and i already have a few nicks on my rocker panels! Very easy to notice on a black truck. Just curious what products anyone has used with sucess. I dont offroad all that much.Oct 06, 2008 Have any of you had your rocker panels linex'd. I would like to have it done, but not all the way up to the door crease. Having a good pair of running boards (read: tough country) with a nice coating of line x would (I think) greatly increase the resistance of Ohio rust. line-x rocker panels dodge

Nov 15, 2018  After what I saw today at the LineX dealer I took my truck to, I wouldn't get my rocker panels sprayed! He had 2 of his own trucks out front, and one had sprayed rocker panels (late 80's Chevy) and it was peeling on the passenger side. Arcticat's got

Mar 20, 2012  So I am looking to get my front& rear bumper and rocker panels on my truck color matched linex'd, so I got a quote from a shop and this is what they told me. (I have the Sport ram so my front bumper is painted plastic, no chrome) Does this seem Works with Dodge Ram Mega Cab Short Bed Rocker Panel Chrome Stainless Steel Body Side Moulding Molding Trim Cover 8 Wide 12PC. 5. 0 out of 5 stars 1. 167. 00 167. 00. FREE Shipping. RRP4137 Driver Side Inner Rocker Panel compatible with Dodge Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500.line-x rocker panels dodge

Line-x rocker panels dodge free

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