Suntuf clear polycarbonate roofing panel installation

2019-12-13 17:14

SUNTUF is lightweight, durable, and easy to cut and drill using basic woodworking tools, plus features 99. 9 UV protection, keeping the paneland everything underneath of itprotected. Equip your homes outdoor living area, storage space, or shelter for nearly any weather condition.Yes. PSP Suntuf products are a system that is meant to provide the best possible installation. Proper use of the complete system (sheets, closure strips, fasteners, etc. ) greatly reduces the possibility of problems and insures that product warranty will be honoured. suntuf clear polycarbonate roofing panel installation

Suntuf Polycarbonate Sheet is an outstanding translucent roofing material offering superior physical properties. Suntuf has been the preferred choice in NZ for the past 30 years.

Nov 01, 2017 How to install polycarbonate roofing available from www. sunnyside. co. nz This shows an installation on a pergola. It's also suitable for awnings, carports, garages, sheds, walls, internal I have a pergola measuring 16 4 by 15 2. I recently replaced the original polycarbonate roofing (Suntuf) using 26 inch by 12 foot pieces. The roofing company used the 15 foot 2 inch side to lay the sheets longways. To cover the remaining 3 feet they cut 4 foot sections andsuntuf clear polycarbonate roofing panel installation Jun 02, 2018 in this video i will be replacing old fiberglass roofing with suntuf roofing this product is extremely durable and sun resistant. they offer several kinds this one has a smoke or tinted look and

Suntuf clear polycarbonate roofing panel installation free

Step 3 Purlin Spacing. Suntuf is supported on the structure via Purlins, these are the bearers that run left to right along the width of the roof. The maximum purlin spacing for the corrugated profile is 800mm centres on the first and last purlins and 1 meter centres for the intermediate purlins. suntuf clear polycarbonate roofing panel installation

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