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2019-11-16 22:27

Power 400mA, 15V (6 W) Case protection Weather Proof Warranty 10 year power warranty Certification CE The box includes (1) solar panel SE400 (1) multipurpose adapter set (cigarette lighter adapter male and female, battery clamps and terminal ring connector (1) panel to panel jumper cable (1) extension cable (10) (1) set mounting screwsThis Solar Grip Mount made mounting my Sunsei SE500 solar panel on my pontoon boat a simple procedure, 15 minutes at most. No holes to drill, just used the supplied clamp to fasten it on the square rail. It will be easy to relocate if necessary and is completely adjustable to align it sunsei solar panels se400

Oct 14, 2015 The Sunsei solar grip provides a flexible mounting option for the Sunsei SE400 and SE500 solar panel or the Coleman CL300 panel. It conveniently provides both pole and deck mounting grips to avoid drilling into the roof of your vehicle or boat or into your deck or fence.

Sunsei product solarpower line consists of superior portable solar chargers, battery maintainers, lights, vents and accessories and energy renewable monitoring systems. Solar panels by sunsei are designed for recreational and residential use, including Marine use, The SE400 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger has been discontunued and the SE500 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger is the new replacement model. Product Features: Sunsei SE500 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger Includes: Cigarette lighter adaptors (male& female), battery clamps, terminal rings and connector wiressunsei solar panels se400 Jan 15, 2009 The Sunsei Solar 6watt 120volt charger is a solar panel designed to provide reliable, renewable energy as an alternative to noisy and expensive diesel, propane and gas generators. This solar panel is ideal for mediumsized boats, RVs, trucks, and tractors, and can also be used to charge portable electronics, deer feeders, gate openers, and fence charges.

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New Sunsei Solar Grip Mounting Kit For SE400 and SE500 Solar Panels. Model# . sunsei solar panels se400 Mar 14, 2008 The only negative is that tese Sunsei solar panels are far more expensive than they need to be. They are made in China and a 6w panel of this quality should be 3050 less than what the Sunsei brand demands. Coleman is pretty much the same product, all coming from ICP Solar in Canada, however the Coleman panels cost much less.

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