Painting wood panel doors

2020-01-20 13:08

Apr 07, 2011 If the door is bare wood or stained wood. If the door is a dark color and you want to paint it much lighter. If the door was painted with oil and you want to use latex paint (how to tell? Rub a small spot with ammonia and if the paint comes off it is latex. ) If you are painting over latex with latex (or oil over oil) and the previous paint job is in good shape you can skip the primer.Dec 07, 2016 A video showing process of painting an interior door. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. How to paint panel door. Painting interior door with brush and roller Most InDepth Wood American painting wood panel doors

Paint a raisedpanel door with a brush and paint with the natural grain of the wood. Painting around the panels is timeconsuming, making it difficult to keep a wet edge. One commonly recommended approach is to paint all the panels first.

Paint the door panels (1, 2, 3 and 4). Start by painting the first panel (1) on the outside of the door, use a small paint brush (25mm (1 inch)) to paint around the edges of the panel, then, ideally using a larger brush (50 60mm (2 2 inches)), paint the panel itself starting at the top first using vertical brush strokes, then (without reloading the brush) spread the paint across the panel using horizontal strokes, Many people have success painting doors using just a brush, but I like to use a combination of a brush and a small roller because it gets the job done faster and results in a much smoother finish. Rather than simply painting the door from top to the bottom, you can get the best paint job by painting paneled doors in a certain order.painting wood panel doors

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