Windows 10 control panel not working

2019-12-10 20:36

Jun 23, 2018  Many of the Windows 10 users who have upgraded their older Windows version have been facing plenty of issues on their new Windows 10 PC. Many of the users have been reporting about NVIDIA Control Panel not Working on Windows 10. When a user tries to open the control panel of NVIDIA Graphics Card, they dont see anything on the screen.Jan 17, 2016 Thankfully I've been storing all my data on external drives for ages now so there is very little actually stored on the computer itself Just done a completely new install of Win10 rather than a repair, Just got most of all my applications reinstalled and everything seems to be working as it should, can get into my control panel again. windows 10 control panel not working

Apr 03, 2016  Scroll down and locate appwiz. cpl and doubleclick this to see whether it opens your main Control Panel. If this does not open your main Control Panel then press Winkey X now select Control Panel; If your Control panel still refuses to open one or more of the Control Panel

Feb 14, 2018 On the previous versions on Windows 10 it worked fine, but not now. The installation process goes well seamingly, but after restart there is no Realte control panel, no icon in the bottom right corner, so I'm unable to reconfigure the audio jack panel. windows 10 control panel not working

Windows 10 control panel not working free

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