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2019-11-14 15:07

Jan 15, 2019 If that doesn't stop the Excessive usage reports for spamd andor spamd child, you may need to exclude all of perl with the codeOct 15, 2004 WHM tends to use the script to restart Exim (and associated scripts for other tasks). Those scripts seem to have a life of their own when it comes to restarting services that restart perfectly normally through the init scripts (I've had at least 2 bugzilla scripts open about them not functioning correctly). cpanel excessive resource usage spamd child

Oct 07, 2012  LDF Excessive Resource Usage 1. If youre seeing spamd being reported after the latest update and want to ignore it, the following can be added to etccsfcsf. pignore (ensure that you ONLY use linux linefeeds, not WIN or MAC ones when editing Linux files):

Jul 15, 2014 If you are having own VPS or Dedicated server you will get this kind of alert messages often because you have installed CSF on your server and LFD will notify to you every time when the service or process take more time or memory which is assigned in your CSF configuration. Unusually high memory usage on a CentOS VPS with 512 guaranteed RAM. Ask Question We are running Centos 5 32bit& cPanelWHM. This is the result of running ps aux and, as you can see, it's not using 100 of the RAM. However, on the hypanel overview, it's always shown as using aroun 500MB ram, just for running apache, mysql, and the lowestcpanel excessive resource usage spamd child Mar 04, 2015 I came across this post searching for the same exe. Other posts said to just whitelist it. It is my understanding that this has something to do with email.

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How to disable LFD excessive resource usage alert? In this tutorial, we can check different methods to disable LFD excessive resource usage alert. Login Failure Daemon(LFD) is a daemon process which runs on VPS or Dedicated servers that uses Config Server Firewall(CSF) for server security. cpanel excessive resource usage spamd child Sep 07, 2018 Did you read the resource I provided you? This issue is not something specific to cPanel it's a notification from CSF letting you know a specific process rpcbind has run longer than the threshold CSF imposes on processes. Please read the resource and choose from one of the solutions provided to resolve the issue. Thanks!

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