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2019-11-14 15:08

Display in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius(connection to Bacnet). The LCD is a bitmap so we can show network connectivity. The user can confiure what they want to show on the display: network activiy, baud rate, protocol, etc. You can show a user setpoint so you can use it as a room setpoint display.BACnet Operator Display Panel The NVT series is a BACnet Operator Display Panel for BACnet systems. It connects directly to the MSTP LAN of a BACnet system and can be wall mounted or panelmounted. bacnet display panel

BACnet Touchscreen Small Display The NBSD is a compact, addressable network display device for MSTP based BACnet networks. It enables users to quickly monitor their system and easily make changes to the way their building is controlled.

BACnet Touch Panel. The HMI5TP7 is a 7inch capacitive BACnet touch screen panel. Its customizable userinterface helps visualize and control many buildings systems. Thanks to its inwall flush mount design it integrates into conference rooms, reception areas, corridors, and apartments. The capacitive touch sensor allows for operation without any pressure on the surface. Glass fronts for 15 devices can be ordered in silver, black, and white. The 7 touch panels are available in silver and black. Discover here the LOYTEC glass LVIS Touch Panels for LonMark, BACnet, and Modbus networks!bacnet display panel January 4, 2016 Airtekgroup releases NVT BACnet Operator Display Panel that connects directly to the MSTP LAN of a BACnet system and can be wallmounted or panelmounted. Its intuitive touch screen TFT LCD can display animation and full color graphics, an enable access to real time data and energy management functions.

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