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2020-01-22 12:22

Relkie Art Glass. Stained, sandblasted, carved and fused glass, ranging from bold, colorful imagery to subtle accents, wildlife to abstracts. Entry ways, doors, windows, panels and dividers are transformed into works of art glass for your residence or commercial business.One of the first pieces of sandblasted glass entry doors that I sandblasted. when I first learned how to blast. Sandblasted Tiger and the Rooster, 6' x 8' x 12 in a private residence, Casper, Wyoming, Rocky Eades Construction, 1992. Sandblasted glass Bathroom Window for Anthony and Amber. Zambai residence, , Parker, CO. , Sept. 2010, sandblasted glass panels windows

The glass is placed into an automatic sandblasting machine that shoots abrasive material onto the glass panel at high pressure. Once the sandblasting process is finished the glass is removed from the machine and the glass is cleaned down.

Custom Etched Glass or Sandblasted Glass Design is commonly used to enhance grand entryway doors and windows, shower enclosures, glass tabletops, cabinet doors Vinyl window frosting is a much more costeffective option. Sandblasted glass doesnt offer any UV protection or the same insulation benefits as vinyl frosting. Sandblasted glass shows fatty marks because of the microscopic holes in the glass, which trap dirt. Vinyl is designed to resist fingerprints, grease and grime.sandblasted glass panels windows Sandblasted glass not only adds to the value of your space but provides it a chic and classic look. Whether its a residential or commercial property, sandblasted glass doors and windows create a sophisticated look, and allow you to express your creativity.

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Sandblasted glass window panels on doors are extremely popular and favored over any other glass art technique. Etched glass design will truly add elegance to the front door of a home or office. Commercial buildings, offices and storefront windows and door glass panels may feature sandblasted company logos, slogans or business names. sandblasted glass panels windows Sandblasted glass windows are most commonly from the Victorian era. Often this consisted of red or blue flashed glass that was used in sidelights and displayed a botanical or repetitive design. In addition, there were many transom and door panels that consisted of a sandblastedetched border with a design through the middle. If you're anxious to begin a new project and add some visual interest to your decor, try sandblasting glass in your cabinet doors or windows in your home. Sandblasting, or etching, is the process Sandblasted Glass can be used in numerous applications of architectural glass with great effect, either to be used for decoration, privacy or on walk on glass units as an antislip finish. The process of sandblasting involves firing fine sand at the glass in order to create a translucent, cloudy appearance to the surface of the glass. Sandblasted glass is an ideal form of decorative glass for house names and numbers on door glass and in the panels above the doors. One of the more common requests that we receives is for sandblasted numbers on or above front doors.

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