How to paint cedar panelling

2020-01-18 21:30

Preparation. Clean your paneling with a damp cloth to remove sanding dust and other dirt. Gouges, holes and other blemishes in the paneling may be filled with woodfiller and sanded smooth prior to priming and painting, but the grooves of your tongueandgroove paneling do not require filling.Aug 22, 2018 Looks more like knotty pine than cedar, but the tips are good either way. I wouldn't worry too much about the knots, but I would fill all the nail holes, as they will show through the paint. You might want to paint the cabinets a couple of shades lighter (or darker) than the walls, or a completely different contrasting color. how to paint cedar panelling

The existing dark wood paneling in cabin before painting the paneling. Another view of the dark wood paneling in the living area before painting. The same interior view as above after painting the paneling

Apply primer and paint to portions of the cedar paneling inaccessible to the roller using a paintbrush manufactured specifically for latex paints. If the cedar paneling is located indoors, use a plain latex primer and satin latex paint. If you plan to keep the trim's color asis or paint it a shade different than your wood paneling, remove it from the wall. Use a prybar and gently pull it loose. If you plan to paint the trim the same color as the wall, lightly sand the adjacent wood trim on baseboards to allow the paint to adhere to to paint cedar panelling Once you get the wall done, grab your paint roller and paint that entire wall with the primer paint. One thing about paneling, it dries really fast theres even a chance the beginning will be dry by the time you get to the end of the wall.

How to paint cedar panelling free

Apr 08, 2011 Prepare the walls for painting by sanding. Use a finegrit sander to go over all the wall surfaces. The best implement to use is a random orbital sander, although you can use sandpaper and a little bit of elbow grease if you're in a pinch. Reach hardtogetto areas with a pole extension or a ladder. how to paint cedar panelling

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