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2020-01-23 09:56

Integrated panels mean that when you flip the saddle over, the panels lay flush with the sweat flap. There is usually a stitched seam connecting them to the flap. With traditional panels, they are not attached to the sweat flap thereyou could slide your hand between the panel and the flap.Choosing Saddle Panels. Saddle panels are the weightbearing surfaces of the saddle that run along either side of the gullet. Saddle panels are designed and intended to distribute weight and pressure evenly along a horse's back, and they can be filled with a range of materials. Much discussion has gone into the creation of saddle panels, cwd saddle panels

The wide opening of the Dynamick saddle tree frees the horses movement when jumping. Every element of the assembly (stirrups bars, seat, etc) is inserted directly onto this framework.   The panel screws are now integrated in the panels to improve the fit of the saddle on the horse's back. Contact is therefore at a maximum.

CWD proposes original SE12 saddle for eventing with an innovative girth strap over the flaps to keep them in place, with enhanced front and hind blocks. Flat seat monoflap saddle The flat seat singleflap saddle is designed for crosscountry riding. These saddles will have significant rubbing on the flaps. Typically there will be creases on the knee pads, sometimes deep creases. Often you will see friction rubs at the seat edges. May have surface cracks in the leather, usually fine and superficial crazing, often found on the seat and panels.cwd saddle panels Old Dominion Saddlery sells quality preowned saddles from fine French saddlers such as Butet, Voltaire, Devoucoux, Antares, CWD, Delgrange, and others, as well as Tad Coffins. A saddle stamped, Made in France, carries the distinction that every detail of its design and

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The standard CWD tree is a mediumwide. The leather may be grain (most durable), calf (soft and grippy but still with excellent durability) or buffalo (the softest and most grippy). Most CWDs also have an integrated panel which offers a refined close contact for the rider. CWDs feature a 3 point girthing system, wide panels cwd saddle panels

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