Do tight pants cause muffin tops

2020-01-21 00:55

Sep 26, 2009 its when your jeans are so tight, that the fat in your stomach over laps and looks like a muffin top Here's a pic: (from the search on tiny pic)Rule# 2 No Muffin Tops. You really want to make sure your yoga pants are not TOO tight. If the waistband is smaller than your waist, you'll get a muffin top which really makes your body look unfortunate. There are super nice yoga pants out there that have a broader waistband which prevents this problem quite effectively. do tight pants cause muffin tops

Dec 11, 2012 You must be still wearing tight pants. Tight is the problem. Low rise jeans don't cause muffin top if they aren't tight. You say you don't want to be a size 2, that you want to keep your curves. It's very possible that you are slightly overweight and that you carry your weight in your mid section. It's not a healthy place to carry weight.

Muffin top is caused by the waist band being too tight no matter how slim and fatfree you are, and no matter where the rise lands. I could wear lower rise jeans if I found some that weren't too tight in the waistband AND didn't slide down since I don't have a lot of curves. Sep 16, 2014  Even skinny girls can get muffin top, because heres the secret the muffin top doesnt want you to knowits not caused by your body, but by poorlyfitting pants. There are plenty of ways to combat muffin top without going on a crazy diet and losing a ton of tight pants cause muffin tops While tight pants get blamed for muffin tops (and they dont help, so make sure your waistband isnt too tight), its actually tight tops that highlight the problem of muffin top. Knits are notorious for grabbing on to every extra ounce and accentuating bulges. So opt for blousy or belted tops that arent too fitted.

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Do Choose Jeans with Stretch in the Waist. A major cause of muffin top? When the waistband on your pants is simply too tight. When you try on new pants, look for a pair that has a little bit of stretch in the waistband for some literal wiggle room. Do Pair LowRise Jeans with Longer Tops do tight pants cause muffin tops Mar 01, 2011 Source(s): low rise jeans do not inherently cause muffin tops. clothing that is too small causes muffin tops. also the cut of a jean on a particular body shape can cause it. They only cause muffin tops if the jeans are too small for you around that area. They only cause muffin tops if they are too tight. A few factors contribute to a muffin top: Bloating caused by hormonal shifts, menopause, gas and food intolerance can lead to an expanded midsection. Illfitting clothes such as a pair of jeans that are a size too small can create a muffin top. Small pants will not be able to contain a muffin top. Aug 27, 2014 Ok, you might have a point, but I was laughing while reading your post because of all the muffin top images that immediately went through my mind. I don't know if a tight pants waist causes problems or not though. Women certainly seem to be really targeted on the SIZE of their clothes. Muffin top is a rather unflattering and brutally honest description of flesh spilling out over the top of jeans. It can happen when the jeans are too tight or there is an overabundance of tummy, or spare tire, to put it bluntly. Julie said it perfectly: Stay away from fatladen muffins or,

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