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2020-01-23 03:30

Remarks: Simultaneous sign language ( SSL ) interpretation service is provided for Council meetings. Members of the public may choose the Floor video option in the Select Language menu to view SSL interpretation for live meetings as well as archived meetings (if SSL interpretation was available).Lawmaker Chan Kinpor, who chairs the Legco Finance Committee, said the proposal to expedite the approval of funding requests is not feasible because at least one member of the panel opposes it. legco panel

The main functions of the Legislative Council are to enact, amend or repeal laws; examine and approve budgets, taxation and public expenditure; and raise questions on the work of the government. The Legislative Council is also given the power to endorse the appointment and removal of the judges of the Court of Final Appeal and the Chief Judge of the High Court, as well as the power to impeach

The Fourth Legislative Council of Hong Kong was the last meeting of the legislative branch of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. The membership of the LegCo is based on the 2008 election. The term of the session is from 1 October 2008 to 30 September 2012, during the second half of the Donald Tsang's administration and first two months of the Leung Chunying's term in office. The Legislative Council of Hong Kong was set up in 1843 as a colonial legislature under British rule. LegCo moved down to the nearby Old Supreme Court building in Central Hong Kong where it remained until November 2011. Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services;legco panel Fifth Legislative Council (2012 2016) To monitor the performance of the Government, the Legislative Council has established 18 panels to deliberate on issues relating to specific policy areas. These panels also give views on major legislative or financial proposals before their formal introduction into the Council or Finance Committee, as

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