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Apr 10, 2016 You can wear light grey coloured pants, according to my suggestionThe blue blazer is often worn with khaki or tan colored pants, but the reverse doesn't work quite as well. Try a camel colored blazer with brown shoes and belt for a formal but fun look. The camel blazer and navy pants combo looks great during the summer months as a unique, fashionforward ensemble. blazer blue pants

A blue blazer may be of various shades like dark blue, navy blue, turquoise blue and light blue. But whatever may be the color, according to the opinions of designers, a pair of khaki pants goes well with a blue blazer. Actually, as a general rule, a dark pair of trousers looks good with a light colored blazer and vice versa. So if you have a blue blazer that is of the darker shade, select your pants in lighter shades.

Apr 11, 2018  The blazer arguably looks its very best without a tie, simply paired with a crisp buttondown shirt. As mentioned, a white buttondown is a failsafe option, but light blue and light pink also look great. Wear leather dress shoes for a dressier look, or driving moccasins or boat shoes for a Dec 16, 2013  The iconic navy blazer, one of the pieces every man should have in his wardrobe. While going out in just the navy blazer will definitely attract attention, its likely to attract the wrong kind of attention. Youre going to need a pair of pants to wear as well. Choosing what color pants to wear with a navy blazer can be a tough choice.blazer blue pants Navy Blazer Mid Wash Jeans. While this guide deals mostly with different colored separates, our pick for a navy blazer and blue jean pairing rests on the distinction between the materials of the separates. The critical thing to remember is to combine good quality denim with a casual blazer.

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A navy blue blazer is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man can have in his wardrobe. Classically, it has been paired with a white buttonup shirt and khaki trousers. However, a navy blue blazer may be worn with a plethora of styles of pants and shirts. blazer blue pants If you want to wear your black blazer formally, pairing it with black pants and a blue shirt makes an excellent choice. The look is polished and a fashionable alternative to a black suit and white shirt. Just be mindful of the shades that you pick when rocking this look. Mar 30, 2016 A black blazer looks best with black, grey or light blue pants. You could also wear khaki, olive or patterned pants with a black blazer. Stay away from navy and dark brown pants. Wearing an all black suit is typically reserved for weddings and funerals so change it up with a different colored pant. Feb 21, 2018  Technically, a solid blazer has to be blue, so begin there and add gray pants. Andreas Weins doesnt look like a security guard in this combination of navy and gray. You may have heard that the classic navy jacket and gray trousers will make you look like a security guard, but if you choose an appropriate fit and quality materials that simply wont happen. Matching Trousers The navy blue blazer is a standalone article of clothing that does not come with a matching pair of trousers. This sets the blazer up to be an excellent pairing tool with other clothing and accessories. Nautical Inspired  The navy blazer was inspired by the reefer jacket of naval origin.

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