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2019-11-20 18:17

still in package. with all tags! the pants are 100 waterproof, breathable gortex fabric! ! the pants have a drawstring waist, and a velcro bottom closure with zippers at the bottom of the pants also have reinforced knees and seat, with two slash reach thru upper pockets, to allow you to get into your pants underneath. woodland camo, ecwcs pantsECWCS Pants are especially high in quality. They are constructed out of environmentally safe Bemis seam tapes. These seam teams are crucial in providing waterproof protection on the job. ecwcs rain pants

The Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS k w k s ) is a protective clothing system developed in the 1980s by the United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, Natick, Massachusetts. The first generation ECWCS consisted of parka and trousers plus 20 other individual clothing, handwear, headwear and footwear items which are used in various

US Military GEN III Extreme Cold Wet Weather Rain Jacket ACU Digital ECWCS Level 6 Fort Bragg Military Surplus Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. ECWCS clothing fights more than the cold. It also protects from wind, rain and snow. Many ECWCS clothing options feature performanceboosting features such as reinforcements in highstress areas, vents to enhance breathability and moisturewicking liningsecwcs rain pants Ordered these with the Element Jacket. Ordered a size larger than my pants and they fit over them perfectly. Posted: February 17, 2017. Reviewer: PatrickO. Location: KY. I received these pants a few days ago. They fit great and are of high quality. I have not used them to protect me from the rain yet but I know they will work great.

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Hunting& Tactical Clothing. Hunting and tactical clothing are specialty shirts, pants, shorts, and other garments designed specifically to meet the unique environmental and situational needs of people who engage in hunting, fishing, wildlife photography, wildlife rescue, hiking, industrial, law enforcement, emergency responder, military, and various other occupations. ecwcs rain pants Cold Weather Clothing. Depending on where in the world you are going to and what time of year it is, you will desperately need some clothing specifically designed for cold weather to keep yourself safe and comfortable while on a mission. While most people will generally associate this type of clothing with heavy jackets and pants, there are numerous other articles of clothing you should consider. Apr 08, 2018 Review overview of the US Army USGI GoreTex ECWCS trousers. Water proof, wind proof, and will keep you warm in extreme cold temperatures with the right laye Apr 21, 2019 I watched the Garand Thumb video on packing a long range pack and I realized I didn't have rain gear in my bag. I figured multicam Gore Tex stuff like he had would be a good idea, so I ordered Level 6 ECWCS jacket& pants off of Ebay. ECWCS Parkas are not that warm. They are meant to be a severe wind and storm shell. We discount if you are Military. We also have a Cage Code CCR# if needed A black USMC Fleece liner to go under the ECWCS or the Rain Shell pictured on the right.

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