Turn a long skirt into pants

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Mar 02, 2015 It's a fabulous long crushed velvet elasticwaist skirt with some pretty awesome embroidery at the bottom. I've been seeing a lot of pins on Pinterest where women are taking skirts and turning them into palazzo pants, but painfully few tutorials on the matter.Refashion 101 Turn Pants Into A Skirt (Basic) Put on the pants and determine how long you'd like your skirt to be. Pin the pants approximately 2 inches below the desired length. You can always make the skirt shorter later. I wanted a knee length skirt so I placed a pin a new inches below my knee. Take off the pants. turn a long skirt into pants

Turn your jeans into a long skirt First you have to use a seam ripper and remove the inner seams. You also have to seam rip up to the base of the zipper on the front, and up to the belt loop on the back (between the pockets). Turn your jeans inside out, and fold them in half along the center of

How To Turn Jeans Into a Skirt. You need enough fabric to have the center covered on the front and the back. Lay the material under the skirt and trace out the triangular center. This is actually part of a dress that I can no longer wear. I had a baby and my upper body suddenly got a bit larger and my clothes didnt fit. if you catch my drift. On the skirt, the sides seams are now smack together and there is a fold down the left hand side. Put the pants right on top of the skirt, the fold of the skirt is hanging out to the left. Line up the bottom so you don't have to hem anything when done. Grab some chalk and follow the pant line about. 5 away leaving room for seam allowance.turn a long skirt into pants May 06, 2015  (And that youre placing the skirt fabric and jeans together with RIGHT sides together. ) Then sew them together, using a 12 inch seam allowance. And then sew a zigzag stitch along the raw edges, to help keep them secure and from fraying. Turn the skirt

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Apr 07, 2017  A DIY clothes tutorial on how to make palazzo pants out of a maxi skirt. You just need to use a pair of pants you normally wear, and then use that as a guide. I turn a long skirt into pants May 10, 2016 Hello! Hope you liked this video, don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions! Stay tuned for more! Twitter: @justrasika What do you think? Do you have the guts to turn an old skirt into a pair of palazzo pants? Any extra tips to share? Voice it all out below. Disclaimer: Im not an expert seamstress; the steps shared here for a DIY palazzo pants made at home came from a quick google effort and my beloved mothers advice. I shall not be responsible for ruined skirts, pricked fingers and other catastrophes

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