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A nonDOT drug screen is any drug test that follows state laws rather than federal testing guidelines. Only safetysensitive transportation employees are required to follow Department of Transportation federal regulations. Although a nonDOT drug test can test for fewer than the five substances required in a DOT test, most are significantly more indepth.NonDOT Drug Test For employers not bound by Department of Transportation regulations, nonDOT drug testing can be used to ensure a safe workplace. This could include any method, including urine, mouth swab, or hair, any drug panel, including 5 panel, 9 panel, 10 panel, and even 12 panel. All employers want a safe work environment. 5 panel drug test non dot

Jan 06, 2017  You see, when your 5 panel DOT regulated drug test is performed they initially just screen your sample for the 5 classes of drugs. This screening is at the appropriate cutoffs for each class and should the initial screening be negative on all 5 classes then

While the DOT 5panel urine test is required, employers should not stop there. Even though the DOTs test expansion is timely and certainly necessary given the tidal wave of drug addiction and death in the U. S. , the test still does not cover barbituates (e. g. , phenobarbital or secobarbital), benzodiazepines (e. g. , lorazepam or methaqualone), methadone and synthetic marijuana. Standard 5 Panel NonDOT Drug Test. Standard 5 Panel NonDOT Drug Test. Call Today (800) or Schedule Online 24 7 America's# 1 Choice for Drug And Alcohol Testing5 panel drug test non dot Employers looking to establish a drug testing program will find a 5 panel drug test a viable option. This test, used by the DOT and Federal government checks for cocaine, amphetamine methamphetamine, opiates, PCP, and THC.

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The 5panel drug test is the nationwide standard for the Federal governments Mandatory Guidelines for Workplace Drug Testing, which is why it is used for the majority of workplace drug screenings. For instance, the DOT (Department of Transportation) requires their truck drivers to undergo a five panel urine drug test prior to employment and randomly throughout the year during their term of employment. 5 panel drug test non dot

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