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The Mier Expedition. Click on image for larger image and transcript. 1843 letter from Samuel Hamilton Walker, a participant in the Mier incident and later a famous Texas Ranger. Click on image for larger image and transcript. Page from a listing of Fisher's men made in Perote Castle.Contemporary Holograph Notes on the Mier Expedition by a Participant With Manuscript Plan of Perote Castle 421. [MIER EXPEDITION& ISRAEL CANFIELD PAPERS. Archive of fourteen manuscript documents and letters in ink and pencil written by Canfield or about him, his family, and events in Texas. Included are documents relating to the Mier Expedition, Canfields military services, and his mier expedition participants

MIER EXPEDITION. The Texans decided to go after their rations. On the afternoon of December 25 a camp guard of fortytwo men under Oliver Buckman was posted, and 261 Texans crossed the Rio Grande once more, attacked Mier, and fought until the afternoon of December 26, outnumbered almost ten to

A member of the Expedition, Thomas Jefferson Green, published his journal in 1845 (see below). From this journal we have his list of the participants. List Comparisons. The Mier Expedition section of the Campaigns of 1842 includes two comparisons of list names: Nance vs Fisher Lists and Green vs Nance Lists . In both cases the lists have The Mier expedition was an unsuccessful military operation launched in November 1842 by a Texian militia against Mexican border settlements; it was related to the Somervell expedition. It included a major battle at Ciudad Mier on December 26 and 27, 1842, which the Mexicans won.mier expedition participants The Mier Expedition. Shooting the Decimated Texians. On March 25, 1843, seventeen prisoners were executed at Hacienda del Salado as punishment for the Texans' escape from the hacienda six weeks earlier. Historians have traditionally portrayed the Mier Expedition as a glorious, but disastrous episode during the days of the Republic of Texas.

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