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Kawneer Dogging Kits. As used in exit devices, a mechanism that fastens the cross bar in the fully depressed position, and also retains the latch bolt or bolts in a retracted position, thus permitting free operation of the door from either side. Locking or unlocking by hex key (Dogging Key)Find Kawneer door replacement parts and hardware at Reflect Window& Door the best online source for brand name commercial window and door parts. kawneer paneline parts

Kawneer service parts for pulls, pivots, exit devices and door closers are now stocked by Security Lock Distributors. Kawneer offers a dynamic range of innovative, highperforming products and systems.

kawneer el butt hinge standard x x heavy wall basic wiring diagram paneline el power transfers el butt hinge kawneer# kawneer el offset pivot kawneer# rh kawneer# lh ept kawneer# optional el offset pivot kawneer# rh kawneer# lh kawneer el offset pivot optional el offset pivot tuffline Kawneer is a leading producer of commercial construction systems, architectural aluminum products& systems, hurricane resistant, and energy efficient building materials.kawneer paneline parts Feb 10, 2017 Tips on how to replace a defective dogging module on a Kawneer 1686 Concealed Exit Device. Replace with Part# DOGGING DEVICE PACKAGE.

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Kawneer Husky Shotgun Closer Light Duty Replacements (30 Door Width or Less) Kawneer Husky Shotgun Closer Medium Duty Replacements (41 Door Width or Less) Kawneer Husky Shotgun Closer Heavy Duty Replacements (48 Door Width or Less) Kawneer Husky Shotgun Closer Replacement Arms; Kawneer Husky Shotgun Closer Replacement Bottom Pivot Sets kawneer paneline parts aluminum with oilite bronze selflubricating bearings. All top center hung pivot parts are concealed. Application: This pivot assembly is used in conjunction with center hung doors with floor closers. The adjustable portion for the 190 Narrow Stile Door provides for a one time only adjustment. Dimension 3 (76. 2) long, 1716 (36. 5) wide, and 12 kawneer. com EC STANDARD ENTRANCES 1 L, FEATURES For specific product applications, Consult your Kawneer representative. Features 190 narrow stile has 218 vertical stile, 214 top and 378 bottom rail Paneline exit device or kawneer. com dwar efor. ovement. 2 2 424 PANELINE TM INSTALLA JANUARY 2016 0339 CHASSIS INSTALLATION 1. After completion of adjustments and installation of push pad, install the chassis assembly into the cross rail using (4) fasteners. 2. Attach the quick connect from the Paneline device to the cable with the female quick connect. 3. Kawneers Paneline unit and exit device is listed with Underwriters Laboratories as a complete assembly. Paneline is available on Kawneers 190 Narrow Stile, 350 Medium Stile, 500 Wide Stile, 350 Tuffline, 500 Tuffline, 350 Heavy Wall and Flushline Entrances. Mounting is with butt or continuous geared

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