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2019-12-10 17:37

Sep 20, 2011 Nothings impossible and I know of more than one instance over the years where a 'panel at a time' respray has been done. However this was in the old days when car panels tended to have a finished edge or chrome strip divider and did not tend to blend into each other.Jun 05, 2008 hmmm sounds like DT panels its gonna be. . gotta see when im free so i can organize a time to take my car over for a quote. . need to start saving up and stop spending the money on alki im sick of the paint looking so messed up it just ruins the look of the car Ive also got an S14 @ his shop getting custom work done and then a full respray dt panels full respray

Apr 28, 2016 Well a full detail with cut and polish will be around 270. A full respray of your paint will be about 3000. So you definitely don't want that. Can you upload a picture of the damage? I'd only take my car to DT panels, the best modified cars in melbourne come out of that shop. User# 27 posts. Jessica Kriss. Participant

I had gone to dt panels because i have heard good recommendations for them but then in the process of respraying the panels i that wanted, they somehow managed to damage another panel. They also did not put the seals around my windscreen properly and now the seals are breaking and coming undone everywhere. Very unpleasant experience from them. If you bear these facts in mind, your car will look as good as new with its new paint job, just like the Lotus in the ChipsAway Car Repair Centre below (we dont carry out full resprays, but restore cars panel by panel). A shiny Lotus looking good as new in a ChipsAway Repair Centredt panels full respray Full Car ReSpray Deutsche Technik is equipped with the very best equipment and materials for painting cars. Whether you are battling paint fade of an older car, looking to restore a classic car, or simply interested in changing your cars color, DT can help you out.

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85 Main Road Clayton South, Victoria. Phone. 0402 611 670 dt panels full respray Mar 09, 2008 Hey guys, I need to get a respray mostly for my quarter panel but im just gonna do a whole car instead, what happend was the paint on the quarter panel is cracking, my mate says its from the sun due to i think it being hit in japan. . im looking for pretty much an all black respray, i heard it wou

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