How to sew cargo pockets on pants

2019-12-10 03:29

Mar 22, 2013  Its kind of like a tear drop shape with a straight side. Or you could make it square at the bottom. both work. If you have a hard time eyeballing a shape and making it work, try tracing around a pocket in an existing skirtpants. Then, lay your pattern piece down on your skirtpants and see if it looks like the right size.Oct 16, 2017  Add Cargo Pockets with This StepbyStep Guide. Note: The pattern and instructions for the pants and shirt (size 26) along with the alligator machine embroidery design shown here can all be downloaded from It is listed as Creating Cargo Pants on the Autumn 2017 downloads webpage. With purchase of the issue, how to sew cargo pockets on pants

On cargo pants, you will have outer pockets on the back and sides of the garment. Pin and stitch the back and front of the pants together at the side seams, then press the seam allowances and finish them as desired. Stitch together the crotch seam, all the way to the zipper placement marking.

To add these pockets to pants, sew the outer leg seam of the pants pocket and then sew the pocket in place on the side. Sew the inner leg seam after the pocket is attached. For each pocket, the starting fabric size is given, but feel free to adjust the size to your liking for the pants you are making. Jan 31, 2013  The rest of the steps are similar to Cargo pocket 1 Fold the top end under& sew. Fold under the other 3 edges. Iron. Place the pocket in the desired place on the pants and sew it in place. Your Pleated Cargo Pocket is now done! Happy Sewing! Kellyhow to sew cargo pockets on pants Nov 17, 2014 Fold and pin on the dotted pattern line. Turn over and fold back to create the pleat. Fold the pleat open on the back side of the pattern. Sew a zig zag two inches from the top and one inch from the bottom. For the back pockets, fold under 14 inch on the dotted pattern line and zig zag in two places.

How to sew cargo pockets on pants free

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