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GMs will never ask for your username and password. Even Hidden Street staff will never ask for it.Stirgeman Utility Pants Mk III (M) Stirgeman Utility Skirt Mk III (F) Stirgeman Utility Pants Mk IV (M) Stirgeman Utility Skirt Mk IV (F) Stirgeman Utility Pants Mk V (M) Stirgeman Utility Skirt Mk V (F) Stirgeman Power Pants (M) Stirgeman Power Skirt (F) Android Legs Homecoming Victory Bottom Stirgeman Power Pants Mk II (M stirgeman pants

iTCG forging. iTCG forging is really great and may get you some rare items. There are various items to be made by forging. To get the items to acitally make the blueprint, you must either buy them or redeem them from the Cash shop by buying the cards and imputting the codes. Here are the steps: 1.

How to make Stirgeman Power Pants Mk II So I have these lvl 70 stirgeman pants and I'd like to upgrade them to the lvl 90 one's, the Stirgeman Power Pants Mk II. How do I do this? What will I need to do this? And what's the chance of it to boom? Thanks alot! Posted: August 2011 Permalink. Stirgeman's Utility Pants Mk IV (Male) REQ Level 60 REQ Job Any Defense 50 Movement Speed 5 Number of Upgrades 7 Tradeability Tradeable Sold for 1 meso Notes None Items Armor Armor Hat Top Overall Bottom Shoes Gloves Shield Cape Accessory Face Accessory Eye Accessory Earringsstirgeman pants Which version of the Stirgeman Pants give Hyber Body. I hear from some people it's the 70 (so the lvl 70 and the lvl 90 versions) and I also hear from some other

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Saught's indepth guide for iTCG Crafting, Badge RedemptionExchange Quests, and related items. Full Prequest spoonfeeding included. Item pictures& previews also included. Expand all the spoilers if you want to ctrlf something. Balanced Furies& Crystal Ilbis sections at the bottom. stirgeman pants Randomly obtain an upgradedowngrade to this item from a Stirgeman Pants by giving the following items to Stirgeman: 8 Stretchy Material, 8 Wad of Gum, 15 Loaded Spring, and 20 Screw (Screw may or may not be needed). No all pants can add hb. Its just that stirgeman pants are the only common pants that can give hb. To upgrade Stirgeman's pants, you need to talk to him with the necessary materials, including the pant itself. It's almost like upgrading crystals using the maker skill. There's a chance that it will fail, and if so, it can also blow up. Stirgeman's Utility Pants (Male) REQ Level 20 REQ Job Any Max HP 1 Max MP 1 Defense 5 Movement Speed 1 Jump 1 Number of Upgrades 7 Tradeability Tradeable Rewarded from Crimsonwood Exchange Quest (Windraider Badge x 1 Nightshadow Badge x 1) Sold for 1 meso Notes None Items Armor Armor Hat

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