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2020-01-19 17:24

There is now a day dedicated to Johns red pants (Red Pants Monday). Unrelated to the origin of this meme, it should be noted for my American brethren that pants are not the same in Britain as they are in America. In Britain, pants means underwear and trousers are what we would call pants.An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works johnlock tumblr red pants

I AM SHERLOCKED. Facebook Tumblr Zoom. reapersun: inchells answered: red pants pin up (and party hat) if youre oh so inclined reaper. i dunno how pin up. via BUTT THEN Jan 1 4096 red pants red pants monday sherlock johnlock my art; Facebook

Find and follow posts tagged red pants monday on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. red pants monday is literally complete now. because what better than red shorts to match it. # Sherlock# Johnlock# red pants# red pants monday# fanart# my art. 1, 355 notes. thebritishteapot. Feb 04, 2013 Things happened, they went viral, and now the red pants have become sort of the mascot or icon of Johnlock fan art. Now every Monday is apparently Red Pants Monday on Tumblr. Seriously, check out Reapersun's art blog (WARNING: many parts are NSFW).johnlock tumblr red pants How one piece of slash fan art spawned a Tumblrwide meme. Sherlock fandom celebrates Red Pants Monday. Though all of this intense love for Johnlock might seem new,

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