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2020-01-22 15:45

Aug 20, 2014 Cuffed definition, a fold or band serving as a trimming or finish for the bottom of a sleeve. See more.Cuffs or No Cuffs How To Wear The Dress Pants. Hems are the most common and men usually recognize this kind of style. Hemmed pants have the bottom fabric folded up inside the pant leg. Cuffs are turned up on the outside of the pants. Cuffed pants are a mark of quality, but also accentuate a mans height and style of the complete garment. uncuffed pants definition

Uncuffed definition is not having a cuff: not cuffed. How to use uncuffed in a sentence.

Pants cuffs, or trouser turnups, are the bottom edges of your pant legs folded outside rather than inside. If theyre folded inside, what youve got there are hems. When youre buying dress pants, youll also find a lot of highquality clothing stores sell them unfinished, with neither. Uncuff definition is to remove handcuffs from. How to use uncuff in a sentence.uncuffed pants definition A military hem is always measured by the inside leg seam and will have a inch length slope from the front of the pant leg hem to the back. For the cuff selection click uncuffed and add the pants to your shopping bag. During checkout, click on the special requests link next to the pants you would like hemmed with a military hem.

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