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2019-12-16 06:00

High Gloss Panels. 8 off. Test. High Gloss Color Lacquered Wall Panels 213 colors available Regular Price: 30. 00. Special Price 27. 50. per sq. ft.Jul 15, 2017  High gloss acrylic wall panels are not the same as the 18 thick acrylic walls used by nationwide One Day Bathroom franchises who focus in on lower end showers. High gloss wall panels have a hard coat applied to the front which allows them to high gloss panels

High Gloss Panels are the superior choice for creating stunning, modern interior spaces luxurious but affordable. Kitchen and bath design will never be the same. Read More

Where to use high gloss wall panels. Here are some common uses of high gloss wall panels: Residential shower and tub wall surrounds, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, ceilings, bedrooms, media rooms, cabinet doors and hallways, and ceilings to reflect light. Reflekt is a breakthrough product in highgloss acrylic panels that offers three innovations in highgloss surfaces: the most scratch resistant high gloss surface available, impeccable surface consistency, and color richness that enhances depth and clarity. Discover the very best highgloss acrylic surface.high gloss panels

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