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2020-01-23 03:29

Go to www. vivint. com and click Log In. Enter Email and Password and click Sign In. Click Control This Home. Click Video then Settings. Click Add Video Device. The camera will be displayed on the screen to select from. If there is no camera displayed you can manually enter the Mac ID number. Select Install on the camera you want to install.While the panel is searching, go to your Doorbell Camera. Press and hold the button on your Doorbell Camera for three seconds, until you hear a tone. The camera will announce it's connecting to your Vivint system. This can take a few minutes but once its finished, the camera will announce it vivint panel camera

Tap Cameras, the tap on the camera you want to reboot. At the bottom on the page, Tap Reboot camera, and then Yes to confirm. The camera will take 12 minutes to reboot.

Another home control option for more convenience. Control your entire smart home from bed, the kitchen, or the garage with a convenient, secondary smart home hub. Vivint Glance Display mounts to a wall or rests on a coffee table and gives you access to cameras, thermostats, lights, smoke detectors and more. The Vivint Doorbell Camera is one of the smallest and smartest outdoor cameras in the security market. A smart home system equipped with a doorbell camera allows you to track activity at front door and stay aware of who comes and goes. Theres more: Knows whos at the door without opening it. Monitor the door remotely when your kids are home alone.vivint panel camera Dec 13, 2018 The Vivint Doorbell Camera, a WiFi enabled smart home product, features advanced video analytics to alert homeowners to approaching visitors with customized notifications to a mobile device. The discreet doorbell camera starts recording when a person approaches the door.

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