98 honda civic door panel removal

2019-12-14 11:52

Feb 21, 2014 Also there is a Phillips screw behind the door handle remove that. To remove the handle for the window there is a pin behind it holding it on. A flat he& # x27; s should work to remove it. Kinda complicated at first. After that, Push up and pull on door panel. Hope that helps. (: Source(s): Owner of a 98 dx coupe.Aug 18, 2013 How to remove the driver's side door panel, including window switch cluster, on 1999 Honda Civic. LX model shown, same for most Civics from similar time period. There are 6 total screws that are 98 honda civic door panel removal

May 10, 2010 1 Answer. Re: Remove the door panel on a 98 Honda Civic. You should have some little plugs in the plastic edge on the bottom that can be popped off, that will expose screws, there is maybe one screw behind the door handle, and maybe a couple in the door pull.

Feb 01, 2016 2016 Honda Civic Forum (10th Gen) Type R Forum, Si Forum CivicX. com Home Forums Technical Topics DIY guides and requests DIY: Front Door Panel Removal and Speaker Upgrade The 1998 Honda Civic drivers side door panel is held on by eight retaining clips. Pry outward on each retaining clip to remove the door panel.98 honda civic door panel removal Oct 22, 2011 Pt 1 of 3, this tutorial will show you how to remove the door panel, door handle and lock and a brief removal of the lock actuator and door latch from Honda Civics all models.

98 honda civic door panel removal free

Dec 23, 2013 You need to remove the door panel for a number of different repairs, for example door handles, window regulators, power window motors, door locks and more. This video applies to the Honda Civic 98 honda civic door panel removal Dec 30, 2011 This is a common problem with this year range of Honda Civic and an easy fix! . Just take off remove your door panel and loosen the track assembly and then put your window back in!

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