Dod drug testing panel

2020-01-18 16:08

Aug 26, 2019 DoD labs are equipped to test for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, LSD, opiates (including morphine and heroin), barbiturates and PCP. But not all samples are tested for all of these drugs. Every sample gets tested for marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines, including ecstasy.Mar 09, 2017 DoD Implements Expanded Drug Testing for Military Applicants March 9, 2017 BY Lisa Ferdinando Drug testing for all applicants for military service is expanding to include the same 26drug panel dod drug testing panel

Jan 25, 2017 The DOD drug testing program detects the presence of certain drugs in a urine sample. Why is it a must for every military personnel? Learn more here.

attached DOD drug testing panel will be utilized which lowers the initial cutoff concentration for morphine and codeine. The drug testing panel provides the cutoff concentrations for reporting As of 1118, the DOT drug panel looks a bit different. It now includes what we normally refer to as Expanded Opiates, or Extended Opiates. Still referred to as a 5 panel test, it include much more than the conventional 5 panel test.dod drug testing panel

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