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2020-01-19 17:27

Lowvoltage power distribution& control systems. Panelboards Eaton is the industry leader in new panelboard products, providing features, ratings, and performance that consistently meet the needs of specifiers, consultants and contractors. Products are ideal for new construction and systems upgrades in commercial and industrial facilities.Low Voltage Panel Board Facility is one of the first local electrical panel board facility that was built under the partnership of E. A. Juffali& Bros. and Dorman Smith, UK. The company is dedicated to build low voltage panels for more than 40 years, with the supervision of highly technical staff and managers. low voltage panel board

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For complying the international standard along with the local standards we incorporate a series of safety and convenience features, offers a wide range of Low volatge panel boards to be used for distributing direct current power from one supply to other devices where the main task in the power distribution panels is to monitor and protect the systems Low voltage switchboards for power distribution and motor control up to 7000 A. iPMCC. intelligent Power and Motor Control systems. Prisma G. Solution for IEC compliant and seismic 2. 5g certified low voltage switchboards up to 630 A. Prisma P. Solution for tested and IEC compliant and seismic 2. 5g certified low voltage switchboards up to 4000 A. Prisma iPMlow voltage panel board Low Voltage Panel Boards. KIK Low Voltage Power Distribution Boards are well known for its Quality, Design and Development together with an exceptional After Sales Service. Read More

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