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2019-12-07 12:48

Described in this brochure is the line of fasteners manufactured from the new SPS TITAN 761 titanium alloy, which overcomes the fastener size and strength limitations associated with other titanium alloys, allowing users to capitalize on the weight advantages of titanium where they never could before.MISCELLANEOUS FASTENERS ShurLok provides a variety of Miscellaneous Fasteners for a wide variety of applications The Fasteners in this Catalog are comprised of three categories Blind Inserts, Flush Nuts and Isolator Mounts Further options include alloy or corrosion resistant steel and a shur lok panel fasteners

Welcome to JetTek. JetTek, LLC is a small business supporting, prime contractors, original equipment manufacturers, contract equipment manufacturers, airlines, MROs and machine shops with HiLok Fasteners, EN6114 and EN6115 bolts, AN, MS, NAS, Airbus, and BAC fasteners.

24 x 24 ShurLock Access Doors. SLK series Access Doors are designed for drywall, masonry or concrete construction and provide the security required in todays schools, hospitals, hotels, and correctional institutions. (310). Fasteners. AN; MS; BAC; NAS; Bolts; Nuts; Bushings; ORings; HiLok Pins& Collarsshur lok panel fasteners shurlokmiscellaneous fasteners catalog. table of contents 1general introduction fasteners blind installationsl850 insert, blind threaded, pullup type 23sl854 insert, through threaded, pullup type 45sld850 data installation procedure 68 nuts 9sl5 nut, shear self locking 10sl52 nut flush self locking 11sl5214 insert self locking ultrasonic or injection installation

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dependent on the integrity of its fasteners. ShurLok Corporation, a pioneer and current frontrunner in the design and manufacture of specialty fasteners for industry, dedicates this document to a thorough comprehension of the selection of fasteners for sandwich structures, and to their proper application. shur lok panel fasteners Mounted through a single in the panel, these nonstructural inserts are designed to allow fabrication of aircraft interiors. Designed to meet National Aerospace Specification NAS1832 and NAS1836, Matdans MITMIF and MJT inserts are also competitively priced alternatives to Alcoa, Shurlok and The Young Engineers honeycomb insert product lines. www. shurlok. com fasteners for sandwich structure catalog shurlok. 6288. inserts for metallic face skin panel sl101 insert, grommet type, thrurivet. inserts for metallic face skin panel sl101 insert, grommet type, thrurivet. insert, shurtab. guide tool& shurtab slt600 guide tool and shurtab. guide tool& shurtab Fastener Dimensions is an authorized distributor of ShurLok Company products for the United States and is available and willing to help you choose the right fasteners for your needs, as well as providing you with the information you need. Contact us today for help with your concerns or questions.

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